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Разработка нового проекта Sci-Fi фильма "The Hellworit: Planet of Despair"

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Сообщение The Hellworit Team » 19 янв 2019, 18:32

The Hellworit: Planet of Despair - new Sci-Fi Action. The name refers to the planet on which the film takes place - Hellworit, which was discovered in the constellation Wolf and was registered as GL-970211. There are conjectures that there is something on this planet that threatens humanity.

Tagline - "There are conjectures that there is a threat to humanity on this planet."


Space Military Corporation (SMC) receives an order from the WRT company to destroy the GL-970211 planet, also known as The Hellworit. The fact is that the SMC has an absolute weapon - "Deadly Eye" station, which is equipped with a stunning power laser capable of destroying the planets. On GL-970211, descent of 6 people is sent to reconnoiter the terrain and should give the coordinates of deepest hole (otherwise the beam simply does not reach the core of the planet). But what awaits people on there planet - no one knows.

The Hellworit Team

Leader - The Hellworit Team
Designer - Jikayack the Gremlin
Soundman - RiROBOT's
The Hellworit: Planet of Despair
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